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Learn Pro Tips for

Styling Your Home

and Enjoy The Process

  • If you’ve ever:


  • Felt stuck while decorating


  • Been intimidated by making decorating choices


  • Spent your weekend returning things that didn’t work out


  • Wished you could ask for an expert second opinion

  • Worried that you didn’t know the “rules” of Design

Decorating Made Simple Community

Hey Girlfriend,

I’m Cara; a Certified Interior Decorator and every week I coach women who learn how to simplify decorating and find joy in the process.

But I didn’t start out here. I’ve made all of the decorating mistakes you’re worried about. From bad paint selections to overspending on pieces I regretted – I’ve done it all! The best part is that I learned so much along the way that I’ve put together all of my best tips, tutorials and tools to help you find the shortcuts you need!

Whether you’re just starting your journey, or you’ve been decorating for years, you’ll see your confidence grow with our

Decorating Made Simple Community. 

What people Are Saying

Thanks so much for another info-packed lesson! I learned so much and I feel ready to tackle my own spaces! 

Cara gave me so many good ideas all within my taste and budget. She also challenged me to think outside my box of different paint colors and design themes. She encouraged me to design the room around a design type rather than a color scheme which was such an important concept and revolutionized the way I am now approaching all my room designs.   

I love Cara's tips about saving time and sourcing products for my home. I keep coming back because every nugget Cara shares is decorating gold!


What does the Decorating Made Simple Community include?


- Interactive Livestream Classes

- Everyday and Seasonal Decorating Tutorials

- Digital Resource Library of Tutorial Videos

- Cara will spill the beans on the Principles of Design
In an easy to understand way!

Ask A Pro

- Masterclass sessions with other Creative Professionals

- Learn from the Experts that Cara works with

Expert Advice

- Opportunities to present your spaces for a "What Would Cara Do?" Review

- Monthly Access to
Cara's Office Hours
Rapid Q&A Sessions

Exclusive Discounts

- Member Exclusive Discounted Rates for Cara Massie E-design Services and Decorating Courses

Decorating Community

- Find a Friendly and Engaging Online Membership Community (no drama included)

- Meet other women who love creating beautiful spaces, find encouragement and share ides!
(Seriously this group of Ladies is the best on the internet)

Holiday Decorating Guide Ebook

- Get the Holiday Decorating Guide full of Holiday Decorating Inspiration that has landed our team multiple magazine Features

HOw can you Experience Creating a home you Love?

The internet is booming with self-help online courses, coaches and video tutorials. But if you’re tired of falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole, and looking through hours of YouTube videos; trying to piece together a plan, you’re in the right place.

Cara Massie Design is all about teaching the basics. Once you’ve learned some basic principles of design, you’ll be fired up to decorate your home with confidence!

Let's Decorate!

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