Decorating Holidays Made Simple – INFO PAGE

Learn Pro Tips for

Styling Your Holiday Home

and Enjoy The Process

  • If you’ve ever:



  • Felt stuck while decorating



  • Been intimidated by making decorating choices



  • Spent your weekend returning things that 


  • didn’t work out


  • Wondered how to create a cohesive holiday home

  • Wanted to save time and money during 

  • the holiday season.

Decorating Holidays
Made Simple

Hey Girlfriend,


I’m Cara; a Certified Interior Decorator and every week I coach women who learn how to simplify decorating and find joy in the process.



Holiday Decorating is my favorite – and I’m thrilled you’re here!  Over the years our team has been hired for residential and commercial holiday jobs, TV Segments and Magazine Shoots.   The best part is that I learned so much along the way that I’ve put together all of my best tips, tutorials and tools to help YOU find the shortcuts you need!



Whether you’re brand new to holiday decorating, or you’ve been decking the halls for years, I promise you’ll learn something new in the 

Holiday Decorating Academy! 

What people Are Saying

Making bows has always been something I just couldn’t get right, but your tutorial made it so simple to learn. I’m really proud of my bows this year!

Thanks Cara


Thank you Cara for this fun decorating academy. Your tips and tricks were so helpful & fun to apply to my home. I hope you will do more decorating academies. If so, please keep me posted. 


I loved the tips and Cara’s decorating “recipes”.   It helped me take the stress out of holiday decorating by shopping with a plan.  



What does the Holiday Decorating ACademy include?

Holiday Decorating Guide Ebook

- Get the Holiday Decorating Guide full of Holiday Decorating Inspiration that has landed our team multiple magazine Features


- Step-by-step
Holiday Decorating Tutorials that will provide ALL of the information you need!

- Digital Resource Library of Tutorial Videos for every area of your home.

- Cara will spill the beans on how to create a beautiful Holiday Home
In an easy to understand way.

Expert tips

- All of the holiday decorating tools you need to decorate efficiently and easily.

_ Decorating Recipe Cards with quantities and material suggestions.

- Our best tried and true methods for saving time and money during the holiday season.

Holiday Decorating Community

- Join the Holiday Decorating Academy and gain access to a private Facebook Community for Holiday Decorators!

- The private Facebook Community contains
3 Bonus Tutorials and
free holiday printables!

HOw can you Experience Creating a HOLIDAY home you Love?

The internet is booming with self-help online courses, coaches and video tutorials. But if you’re tired of falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole, and looking through hours of YouTube videos; trying to piece together a Christmas Decorating plan, you’re in the right place.


Cara Massie Design is all about teaching the basics. Once you’ve learned some key principles of holiday decorating, you’ll be decking the halls with ease!

Individual Modules



Purchase each Holiday Decorating Module A-La-Carte

$17 per Module







Modules Available for Purchase

– Holiday Wreaths

– Holiday Trees

– Holiday Front Porches

– Holiday Mantles






Full Holiday Decorating Academy


Get all four Modules PLUS exclusive access to the Holiday Decorating Academy Private Facebook page. 




Modules Include

– Holiday Wreaths

– Holiday Trees

– Holiday Front Porches

– Holiday Mantles