What Would Cara Do?

Winter 2020 Unit 4 - What Would Cara Do Nov. 24th 2020

In this Training we talk a lot about the Design Principles of Scale and Proportion. And, The Rule of Thirds. Don’t make yourself crazy trying to achieve perfection with these rules – but use them as a guideline when selecting furnishings and are for your space.

Winter 2020 Unit 8 - What Would Cara Do? December 22nd 2020

This month we offer feedback on floor planning, what to do with a niche and selecting the right sized fireplace in a new build! 

Rhonda's Photos

Brenda's Photos

Tona's Photos

Winter 2020 Unit 13 - What Would Cara Do? January 26th 2021

Cara reviews a Great Room & Dining Room space this week. 

Brenda's Dining Room

Melissa's Great Room