Spring Styled Tray

Spring Styled Tray

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Happy Easter!   


Although this Holy Week looks a little different than any other in my lifetime I’m so grateful for the season.     A little extra time at home gave me the opportunity to add some additional spring decor this year.   And even though I won’t be opening up my home to host extended family for Easter Dinner we are still planning for virtual church, Easter Dinner and of course an egg hunt!  

Today I’m sharing with you how I styled a quick an easy Spring Tray using a few things I had on hand a couple of new items I ordered online! 


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In Four Easy Steps

*This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.





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Step One:  Start With A Tray

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 I grabbed this Better Homes and Gardens galvanized metal tray from Wal-mart that I already had on hand.    The shape is perfect to double as a centerpiece! Although my tray is out of stock I found you a nearly identical tray that is only $8!    I added a little scrap of folded burlap for extra texture.   

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 Picking up hardback books (especially about decorating and gardening) is a favorite pastime of mine!   I’ve found some of my favorites at thrift stores and secondhand shops. Just peel off the glossy paper covers to reveal the pretty hardback covers and they will add so much beauty to your home decor.   I swap mine out seasonally. I stacked 4 of them in the center of this tray to create height in the center.


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Step Three:  Fill A Glass Cloche

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This Glass Cloche was a splurge item for me a few years ago.  But I LOVE IT! I use it every season, and it’s a blast to switch up the seasonal items I add to the inside.  

I purchased this oversize 10” x 13”  Glass Cloche on Amazon and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!   I’m serious when I say that everything looks cuter under a cloche.

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This season I filled it with speckled styrofoam easter eggs from prior years, my favorite Ikea faux grass pot and these adorable Moss Bunnies!    I mean – it wouldn’t be spring without a bunny!   I also added my hand-carved wooden palm Cross. I love this palm cross also called a comfort cross.   They’re handmade and sized to fit perfectly in your palm for prayer and meditation.   

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Step Four:  Fill In The Sides 

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The key to styling trays is to make sure that you get the scale correct.  When choosing items to add to the sides of your tray make sure they’re shorter than your center piece.   

For this spring tray, I added a couple of spring napkins purchased last season from Nell Hill’s in Kansas City, another bunny an Ikea greenery pot and two adorable ceramic birds.


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Adding flowers felt like the perfect pop of springtime color to finish off this styled tray.   I added the same Pink Peony and Rose Boquet that I used while creating a spring wreath this season. If you need a quick wreath tutorial my Pink Peony Wreath video has been viewed over 8,000 times – and I linked all the materials so you can make one for your home this year! 

It’s so easy to just pop this premade bouquet into any container you have on hand.  I used a small thrift store white pitcher. (Just don’t tell anyone that the back side of this pitcher has a Christmas Reindeer on it!)  

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Easy peasy!    In just 4 quick steps I assembled a cute styled tray that I can move around the house as needed.    

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If you prefer video tutorials I’ve got you taken care of Sister.   

Check out the following YouTube videos to prepare your dining space. 

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Want to replicate this look for your home?    I’ve put together an easy to use Materials List of the items I used or very similar substitutes.    Happy Spring Decorating!  


From my family to yours we wish you a Happy and Blessed Easter.   May you find the joy in the promise that Easter brings.   





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